Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Andrew's Birthday Celebration Weekend

Andrew's actual birthday was on Friday, the 22nd. He was lucky and only had a three hour work day on Friday, then we had a nice long weekend to celebrate! Friday night we had dinner at his parent's which was a lot of fun. Good food, good company, and little Eliana, our niece, there for good entertainment. :) I love how the kids end up being the entertainment for everyone. After staying a while and talking with his parents, we stopped by my parent's house to see my sister and brother-in-law who are in town for the week. Eric was already asleep by the time we got there, but we got to visit with Robyn for a bit along with Kristen, Melodie, and my parents. Then we went home and watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop that we got from redbox. It was actually pretty funny; we both enjoyed it. The next day we got to sleep in really late, then we got up, got ready and went to get tickets for Star Trek. We had a little time to do some shopping before the movie started, then we went and enjoyed this new movie. I don't want to ruin anything for anyone who hasn't seen it...but can I just tell you that the opening scene is not good for a pregnant lady to watch. There is a lady having a baby on this ship that is getting attacked, so everyone aborts ship except her husband who is the captain. He stays to make sure everyone can get away, and then he ends up dying on the ship right after he hears his son cry for the first time. I was totally bawling!! Never thought a Star Trek movie would make me bawl. :) So after that emotional roller coaster...(really good movie, even for me after that first scene...fyi) we went back to my parents so we could say hi to Robyn, Eric, Mierae and Jolie since we only got to see Robyn the night before. We stayed there for a little bit, then we ended up going to Goodwood for dinner. It was yummy. Afterwards we went home, and Andrew finally put together the new dresser we bought for him at Ikea a few weeks ago. The whole process took a lot longer than either of us thought it would, but it was worth it in the end for all the extra drawer space he now has. Sunday, after nursery was over, was nice and relaxing. We took an extra long nap, and had dinner at his parent's, then spent a little bit more time at my parent's again with everyone. Monday we got to sleep in, then we actually got some stuff accomplished--some laundry, reorganized the pantry which I've wanted to get done for a long time, and I swept and mopped the whole kitchen area. Then we went to the store to get some things we were out of, and then off to Rosie's and Derek's for our annual Memorial Day bbq. We also were celebrating Andrew's birthday. Yay for family bbqs! It was a lot of fun and such a beautiful day! Then back at home we got to eat lots of watermelon we bought that day! I just love watermelon!! And we watched X-Men. Lots of movies, lots of food, and lots of time with family. What a great weekend. :) Happy Birthday Andrew! I love you tons!!
Andrew with his cake

Right after he blew out the candles. He was too fast for me!

Opening presents

The two of us. First real belly shot I've taken...almost 30 weeks here. Just 10 weeks left!!


Aren't popsicles the best things ever invented? Now that the days are getting warmer, I just love to lay on my bed with the fan blowing on me while eating a popsicle. It doesn't get much better than that. Unless I'm sitting in my nice air-conditioned car with the ac turned all the way up blowing all around me....mmmm....so nice. I'm just wishing for cold weather again and vowing that I'll never have another summer baby. :)
At least popsicles give us nicely colored tongues and teeth...