Monday, September 29, 2008

Six Months Down...

Andrew and I reached our 1/2 year mark this past Saturday. Hooray for us! It's been six whole months since we got married and we couldn't be happier! I know I just wrote about our 5 month mark....but we actually got to go do something for our 6 months! So I'm writing about that too. :)We went the weekend before last because of a mix-up in scheduling, but it was still lots of fun! Even better that way too cause we got to celebrate twice! The weekend before and then the actual day of. So the weekend before last we went up to the condo that Infotrax owns - where we actually went for the first half of our honeymoon. It's so nice and peaceful up there! We got to go to Park City and we walked around for a little bit. Not quite as long as we were expecting to be there cause it started raining pretty hardon us. But up there we found a cute little shop called the Java Cow Cafe and Bakery. And since I am crazy for cow things, we had to go look! Inside we found a treasure trove of all different sorts of cow things! It was so fun to see! And, of course, we took some pictures.

An assortment of cow stuffed animals and cow mugs with sayings

A MooCoo Clock. I thought it was so cute! :)

They also had an Ice Cream-opoly game. I totally wanted to buy this, but I decided to not buy anything this time.

My crazy husband

On the streets of Park City

And of course we had to end the whole thing with a trip back down to Heber for some of their yummy shakes!

We didn't get to celebrate too much on our actual six months as it was a busy day! We went to the temple that morning with my cousin who went through for the first time since he's getting married this weekend, then we had a luncheon following that. Afterwards we went home and watched a movie, then went and got food with my mom and Kristen as is our tradition before watching Women's Conference. Andrew was at work during the conference, and then we got to go to a movie together. That was pretty much the extent of our date on our actual anniversary. At least we got to take a trip the weekend before! And Andrew got me two very pretty necklaces! What a guy! :)

Friday, September 26, 2008

Behind the Times

So I finally uploaded some pictures to my computer today that I meant to put on here about a month ago. They are from when my sister, Tamara, and her family came to visit for David's sister's wedding and also from my Mom's birthday. I don't have many pictures from either one, but I wanted to post them anyway. For more pictures from our time with Tamara's family, you can visit this post on Rosie's blog.

Rebekah who fell asleep on the couch during scriptures and prayer.

Sweet Amie

And Sanja and Amie watching Beauty and the Beast before bed while Rebekah sleeps through it. She was so tired!! Best thing about them sleeping all together on the floor there, which I unfortunately did not get a picture of, is that when they all fell asleep, Amie had rolled over and had taken all of the blankets. Rebekah was over on the other side with no blankets at all and Sanja, in the middle, had about half of her body covered. I couldn't keep from laughing when I saw that. I guess Amie was cold. :)

Now for Mom's birthday pictures. I was a little more busy preparing for her birthday than I normally am for anyone else's in the family. I can't believe what Mom has to go through every time someone has a birthday! She gets it all ready to go for everyone all by herself! I had to do all the shopping on Saturday for everything we needed for dinner and also for her presents we were going in on for her. It was a busy day going to three different stores on Saturday for all that! Then Sunday Rosie, Kristen, and I made the dinner for her. We were trying to do something that wasn't too difficult, so we just made angel hair pasta, garlic bread, some breaded chicken that I had bought and a salad. Rosie also brought some food that she had grown in her garden--corn on the cob, watermelon, and broccoli for the salad. Turns out, we really are not good at estimating how much food 12 people can eat. We had a TON of leftover pasta and chicken. When we had finished, it looked like we hadn't even touched it!

The blowing out the candles shot. That's Ethan's hand on the side...

This is the kind of moisturizer that Mom loves. It's pretty expensive though, so of course she'd never buy it for herself, so this was one thing we gave her.

We also get her a toaster. Apparently their toaster broke just a few days before.

So hooray for visiting family, and Happy Birthday Mom! (about three weeks ago now. :P) Good times were had by all.


Just a few days ago I was excited to get home and relax after a long day at work. I walked down the stairs to go to my room, and this is what I saw:

A beautiful bouquet of roses left there for me by my wonderful hubby! Isn't he the best?! I just love roses. They are my absolute favorite flower. Cliche, I know, but they're a classic! And I love the multi-colored bouquet that he picked out. He knows me so well!

So a big thank you to Andrew for the beautiful roses that he got me just because he loves me!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Where's the Beef!?

A little while ago I was going through some things at my house. My sister so lovingly moved all my things over from my parent's house for me when, after I got married, I wasn't moving out fast enough for her. (Love you Mel! :) ) One big black garbage bag she had moved over was completely full of stuffed animals. I used to collect them when I was little. Most of them I'm getting rid of, cause who really needs a million stuffed animals? But there are also quite a few that I am going to keep. For those of you who don't know, I love cows. I must love them from a cow club my friends and I created in elementary school. Embarrassing to admit now I guess, but it was cool at the time. :) I now have lots of cow stuff! A couple key chains, a cow tea set, a crystal cow figurine, a cow cookie jar, cow salt and pepper shakers, and the list goes on. I even decided when I have my own house to decorate someday, I want to have a cow kitchen. I really like them that much. I know... I'm crazy. :) It was fun when I found out my sister-in-law, Emily, likes cows just as much as I did. Some of my cow things I got from her. Anyway, I realized as I was going through all my stuffed animals that I have quite a few stuffed cows. I even could tell you where I got almost all of them. Lots of fond memories, so I decided to take some pictures to remember just how many cows I have. I even found a few more after I took these pictures, but didn't really care enough to take them all out again. :) So here are a few pictures of most of my stuffed cows.

Quite a few stuffed cows for me to keep. Not sure where I'm going to put them all. :)

Side shot

And'd think I was trying to get profile shots or something....

This was my favorite one forever! She was a present from my now brother-in-law's two sisters for, I think, my 10th birthday. Her name is Denise and the two little cows in front are Clarice and Buttermilk. I used to sleep with her every night. Yes, I was a little kid forever. She's been all over the US with me. :)

And my own personal cowboy. :) Just perfect for me!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Another Way to Help

I was trying to come up with a way to put this story in my own words for my sister-in-law, but I think she tells it best. You can visit her blog post here, or you can read the part that I will copy here. :)

"Like many others I have been touched by the story of Stephanie and Christian Nielson, the couple whose plane crashed in Arizona....I have really wanted to be able to donate, but am not in a position to give anything....This morning inspiration struck and I realized what I can do to help. As an Usborne Books consultant I earn a 25% commission on my sales. I set up an eShow on my website and I'll donate my commission to the cause. After thinking about it a little more I remembered that there is no hostess to receive the free books. Who better to give the books to than the Nielson children? So, I am trying to get the word out to anyone who is interested in helping. The link for the eShow is here....What I ask of you is to advertise it on your blogs, as well. I don't make any money on it, so it's not a business tactic for me. It's just the only way I can help this family in need. Thanks."

So for those of you who would like to buy some great children's books and also help out a worthy cause should check it out. Thanks Jordan!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jewelry Giveaway

Most of you who read this probably already know, but I thought I'd post this here anyway in case there's any of you who don't. My oldest sister, Rosie, has her own online jewelry shop and she's doing a giveaway on her Etsy shop blog this week. You just have to leave a comment on that post and you'll be put in a drawing to receive a free necklace. So take a look and tell everyone you know! It ends this Sunday night. One of her most popular necklaces is the one that she gave me when I got married (pictured below)! I love all the necklaces she does! They're so cute and make great presents either to those you know or presents for yourself. :)