Friday, September 12, 2008

Where's the Beef!?

A little while ago I was going through some things at my house. My sister so lovingly moved all my things over from my parent's house for me when, after I got married, I wasn't moving out fast enough for her. (Love you Mel! :) ) One big black garbage bag she had moved over was completely full of stuffed animals. I used to collect them when I was little. Most of them I'm getting rid of, cause who really needs a million stuffed animals? But there are also quite a few that I am going to keep. For those of you who don't know, I love cows. I must love them from a cow club my friends and I created in elementary school. Embarrassing to admit now I guess, but it was cool at the time. :) I now have lots of cow stuff! A couple key chains, a cow tea set, a crystal cow figurine, a cow cookie jar, cow salt and pepper shakers, and the list goes on. I even decided when I have my own house to decorate someday, I want to have a cow kitchen. I really like them that much. I know... I'm crazy. :) It was fun when I found out my sister-in-law, Emily, likes cows just as much as I did. Some of my cow things I got from her. Anyway, I realized as I was going through all my stuffed animals that I have quite a few stuffed cows. I even could tell you where I got almost all of them. Lots of fond memories, so I decided to take some pictures to remember just how many cows I have. I even found a few more after I took these pictures, but didn't really care enough to take them all out again. :) So here are a few pictures of most of my stuffed cows.

Quite a few stuffed cows for me to keep. Not sure where I'm going to put them all. :)

Side shot

And'd think I was trying to get profile shots or something....

This was my favorite one forever! She was a present from my now brother-in-law's two sisters for, I think, my 10th birthday. Her name is Denise and the two little cows in front are Clarice and Buttermilk. I used to sleep with her every night. Yes, I was a little kid forever. She's been all over the US with me. :)

And my own personal cowboy. :) Just perfect for me!


Happy Wanderers said...

Ha!! You know, My mom kept all my stuffed cows up on that big huge shelf the spanned the longest wall in bedroom...up until about a week ago!! She decided it was time to redecorate (sniff--I don't understand why! I made cute cow curtains and painted black spots on all the door and window frames and even on my fan--looked really cool when you turned it on!) so she asked me if I wanted to keep them all or just have her give them away without my seeing them. I opted for the giving away, since #1 where am I going to keep them? and #2 how would I get them here? and #3 are they really worth shipping around the world every couple of years? Oh well. I should have had her take a picture for me... That would have been fun. I wish I still had my super cool cow tea kettle! I don't know what happened to it? (Probably the same thing that just happened to my stuffed cows--an anonymous tossing!) :)

kajsiaO said...