Friday, September 26, 2008

Behind the Times

So I finally uploaded some pictures to my computer today that I meant to put on here about a month ago. They are from when my sister, Tamara, and her family came to visit for David's sister's wedding and also from my Mom's birthday. I don't have many pictures from either one, but I wanted to post them anyway. For more pictures from our time with Tamara's family, you can visit this post on Rosie's blog.

Rebekah who fell asleep on the couch during scriptures and prayer.

Sweet Amie

And Sanja and Amie watching Beauty and the Beast before bed while Rebekah sleeps through it. She was so tired!! Best thing about them sleeping all together on the floor there, which I unfortunately did not get a picture of, is that when they all fell asleep, Amie had rolled over and had taken all of the blankets. Rebekah was over on the other side with no blankets at all and Sanja, in the middle, had about half of her body covered. I couldn't keep from laughing when I saw that. I guess Amie was cold. :)

Now for Mom's birthday pictures. I was a little more busy preparing for her birthday than I normally am for anyone else's in the family. I can't believe what Mom has to go through every time someone has a birthday! She gets it all ready to go for everyone all by herself! I had to do all the shopping on Saturday for everything we needed for dinner and also for her presents we were going in on for her. It was a busy day going to three different stores on Saturday for all that! Then Sunday Rosie, Kristen, and I made the dinner for her. We were trying to do something that wasn't too difficult, so we just made angel hair pasta, garlic bread, some breaded chicken that I had bought and a salad. Rosie also brought some food that she had grown in her garden--corn on the cob, watermelon, and broccoli for the salad. Turns out, we really are not good at estimating how much food 12 people can eat. We had a TON of leftover pasta and chicken. When we had finished, it looked like we hadn't even touched it!

The blowing out the candles shot. That's Ethan's hand on the side...

This is the kind of moisturizer that Mom loves. It's pretty expensive though, so of course she'd never buy it for herself, so this was one thing we gave her.

We also get her a toaster. Apparently their toaster broke just a few days before.

So hooray for visiting family, and Happy Birthday Mom! (about three weeks ago now. :P) Good times were had by all.

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