Saturday, August 28, 2010

Family Reunions Galore!

Andrew and I both had lots of family reunions going on in July and August. It was so fun getting together with our families so much! I wanted to take lots of pictures to remember them by, so just a warning this is picture overload time!

Daphne had so much fun swinging with her Aunt Kristen at the Hansen Reunion!

Andrew had fun swinging too. :)

Our family at the Hendriksen Reunion up Hobble Creek Canyon. Daphne got car sick on the way up, so we had to change her into her pajamas a little early.

My cute hubby!

Daphne chilling with Grandma. I love that she sticks her tongue out like that!

Daphne finally got to meet her Aunt Robyn and Uncle Eric! They live in Ohio and had to leave to go home just before she was born last year, so I was excited she got to meet them.

Daphne had so much fun playing with cups at the Hill Reunion we had at the Girl's Camp above Heber. Her cousin Ethan was nice enough to keep picking them up for her when she dropped them and she thought it was hilarious!

Playing with Aunt Kristen

My cousin, Ashley and her daughter, Kayley playing with Daphne. Kayley kept giving her kisses, it was so cute! Daphne loves playing with other little kids!

Playing with Daddy in the cabin

Campfire in my parent's backyard so we could make s'mores! We had so much fun playing with Robyn and Eric's family while they were here!

My mom and sisters

Daphne just before she went swimming for the first time as part of the Shurtz Family Reunion.

Daphne's first time in the pool!

Andrew and Daphne with Andrew's sister, Jordan and her daughter, Ellie playing in the pool. Jordan brought that little floaty thing and Daphne really liked sitting in it!

She loved going around the pool with her daddy.

My sisters and I don't get to be all together very often, so every time we are we like to take a picture of us all. This was in my parent's backyard the night before Robyn and Eric left for home.

Our little family at Jordanelle for the little vacation we went on with my parents and siblings.

Daphne having fun hanging out with Aunt Mel

We rented a wave runner at Jordanelle. Andrew really liked driving it! It was lots of fun to ride on!

We went to Antelope Island as part of this vacation, on the way there we stopped to see this. It's called Devil's Slide. Just an interesting rock formation that my parents saw when they were on their honeymoon, so they wanted to stop to see it again.

We had so much with our families at all of these reunions and trips! Thanks to everyone for all the hard work and planning that went into all of them! We love you all!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Daphne's First Birthday!

My little girl has turned one already! I can't believe a whole year has gone by! She is still really little for her age - she's 18 lbs. 4 oz. (just barely on the charts) and she's 27 inches (10%). It's so fun having a little baby though. She can say yeah, no, hi, dad, and juice. She loves to eat! She would be eating constantly if we let her. She recently started figuring out when she's full though, so she'll actually stop eating if there's no more room for food in her tummy! Her birthday was on a Sunday this year, so we had a party for her on Saturday with both Andrew's and my families. We had dinner at the park, and then let Daphne eat her own piece of cake, and then she opened presents. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to everyone for coming and for all of your help and for everything you gave Daphne!

We let her open one present in the morning so she could get the hang of it. She caught on pretty fast.

With her cousin, Rebekah in her beautiful birthday skirt her Aunt Jordan made for her.

Her free cake from Macey's.

At first she wasn't sure what she should do with it....

but she soon figured it out.

Our little family.

She was really excited about her presents!

And even got pretty good at opening them.

She got a little upset when we took away the present she just opened so she could open the next one though...

We had lots of family there to share in this fun day. Thanks everyone for coming!

My big 1-year old on her birthday! It's so tiring getting old!

Her birthday outfit Andrew and I got for her.

We are a happy family.