Thursday, September 29, 2011

Catch Up

I finally downloaded all of my pictures from my camera, and I am really embarrassed to find that I have pictures all the way from last Christmas up until now! I think it really is time for me to do a little catching up, mostly for me, to help me remember this last year. I think it will be really slow-going, but I'm going to start with last Christmas, and catch up as fast as I can. So here I go....

Daphne's gorgeous Christmas outfit that I just had to get for her. Isn't she cute? :)

She loves balloons, so we got her some for Christmas.

She loved gazing up at them, but was a little afraid to play with them.

She got a new chair and a big teddy bear too.

She really liked her teddy bear. She still loves to sit him down in her old car seat and buckle him in. I hope you all had a good Christmas ten months ago! :)