Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Time!

Well Robyn and her two girls are here! They got here Tuesday afternoon. We have all been so excited for them to come! Eric will be here joining them in just a few weeks, followed by Devin and Emily and their family! How fun Christmas time is with family! We'll only be missing Tamara and David and their family. We're sad they can't come, but they've already come out twice this year--for my wedding, and then for David's sister Annie's wedding. Ethan and Julia were so excited to have some cousins here to play with though, and they have been over at Grandma's a lot playing with Mierae and Jolie.

Ethan and Julia were reading Mierae some bedtime stories

And as soon as they saw the camera they all wanted to take a turn taking a picture. Here is Mierae's picture:

And Julia's:

And then Ethan wanted to take a picture of their feet:

After this, Ethan started playing the piano and then Mierae was dancing around the living room until she hit her head on the wooden legs of the chairs in there. Then it was time for bed. :)
Here is Ethan sitting at and playing the piano. He's getting so good!

And cute little Jolie the night after--just last night. All the kids kept laughing at her when she put this "hat" on, so she kept doing it. :) Isn't she adorable?! It's so great to have family in town!!

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Well I decided that I really wanted to have a tree for Andrew and me on our first Christmas as a married couple. We don't really have anywhere to put a big tree (and I SO do not love fake has to be the real thing!) So instead I stole a little tree that we had sitting in a closet at work that I don't think has ever been used. It's just a little 3 foot tree, and Andrew and I decorated it with the lights that came with it, and then all the ornaments I've gotten through the years at the family ornament exchanges. I think it turned out very nice! So here's our first Christmas tree sitting on the desk in our room. It definitely makes it feel more like the Christmas season!

Kind of reminds me of this little tree.... :)

Merry Christmas everyone!! Just two weeks from today!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hospital time, again...

Sick of my new posts yet? I told you I had to catch up!! :)

Well Andrew's dad is back in the hospital again as of yesterday. He went in the day before Thanksgiving because he was feeling some pressure in his chest that had moved around to his back. They did all sorts of tests and ended up putting in two stints and sent him home the morning of Thanksgiving. We were all hoping that would be the end of it, but we got a call from Andrew's mom yesterday afternoon telling us that he was back in the hospital. He was feeling pressure in his chest again, so they kept him overnight last night and they were going to do more of the same tests on him. We went to visit him last night and he was in good spirits. He said that, of course, when he got to the hospital he wasn't in much pain at all anymore. Hopefully they can do something so this doesn't keep happening and so that he can recover fully from his heart surgery! We haven't heard any more updates today, so not sure what's going on now, but any prayers on his behalf would be greatly appreciated! I'll update this when we hear something.

Presents already?!

That's right...Andrew and I decided to buy ourselves an early Christmas present this year. We couldn't pass up the good deal on this huge tv! So we bought it...isn't it so pretty!?! :) We love it. It's a 32 inch HDTV. That's not what we watch on it, by the case you were confused about that picture. We watch things that are much more entertaining than sailboat races...not that there's anything wrong with that. If you're into that sort of thing... :) So jealous...

Salt Lake City

Andrew and I got the chance to go to my friend's sealing in the Salt Lake Temple last Saturday night. I had never been in the Salt Lake Temple before, and it just gorgeous! If you get the chance, you should definitely go sometime! We were stressed out on the way there because we left later than we had planned and of course traffic was bad in Salt Lake! There aren't any left turn arrows where we wanted to turn left, so it took forever to park! But we finally make it to the temple and weren't even late for the sealing! :) We didn't get to stay after to take any pictures cause Andrew had to get back to work, but we did take a few pictures on our way back to the car of the two of us. I just love seeing all the lights on Temple Square! We didn't get to see many since we were in such a hurry, but we decided we definitely need to go back to see the lights sometime this month. Anyone want to come? :)

You can barely make out the Salt Lake Temple behind us here

Kajsia's Wedding!!

I know it's been a long time since I last posted...I would say I've been busy, but that's not exactly true. I've just been reading instead of posting on here. :) Now it's time to do some catching up on what Andrew and I have been up to.

On Thursday, November 20th, one of my best friends, Kajsia, got married. Normally if I were going to someone's wedding and luncheon and reception, I would take at least most of the day off of work. Since it was Kajsia's wedding though, that wasn't really possible since she's really the only one that could cover for me. We're the two receptionists at Infotrax, and if one of us isn't here, the other one has to be. Now luckily Kristen has been trained to answer the phones so she could cover the desk for me so I could leave for an hour here and there to go to Kajsia's luncheon and wedding. It was a beautiful wedding at the Bungalow in PG. So now I will post some pictures of her wedding. Obviously I'm not the best photographer and had a really hard time getting a good picture during the ceremony and stuff. These are the best ones I got...

Obviously this one was after the ceremony...Cesily, Tom, Crista, and Emily
Kajsia and me--isn't she a beautiful bride?!

And here are some pictures from the reception, held at the same place:

Cutting the favorite is Andrew and and my friend, Tom, standing in the background both smiling big. We're all happy for you Kajsia and Mike! :)
Throwing the bouquet
I love this picture--Tom just hanging out with Kajsia's grandma. I don't think they had met before this and they became good friends during the reception. :)

Congratulations Kajsia and Mike!! I'm so excited for you and the start of your life together!!