Thursday, December 11, 2008

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Well I decided that I really wanted to have a tree for Andrew and me on our first Christmas as a married couple. We don't really have anywhere to put a big tree (and I SO do not love fake has to be the real thing!) So instead I stole a little tree that we had sitting in a closet at work that I don't think has ever been used. It's just a little 3 foot tree, and Andrew and I decorated it with the lights that came with it, and then all the ornaments I've gotten through the years at the family ornament exchanges. I think it turned out very nice! So here's our first Christmas tree sitting on the desk in our room. It definitely makes it feel more like the Christmas season!

Kind of reminds me of this little tree.... :)

Merry Christmas everyone!! Just two weeks from today!!


kajsiaO said...

how precious. :)

Nathan, Amy & Kate Romney said...

Hey, Char! Saw your link on Ashley's blog and thought I'd drop you a little note! I love your tree, by the way! How fun is it to buy your very own Christmas tree?? Nathan and I were so excited about it, since last year we were on our honeymoon for Christmas so it sort of felt like we missed the holiday, so we bought ours crazy early this year--like, before Thanksgiving!