Monday, November 17, 2008


Saturday was a very busy day at the Hendriksen household! Grandma Hill and I went over to my parents to help make applesauce. I think we ended up being there working on it all for about 10 hours!

Here is Mom and Grandma doing the hardest part of cutting up all the apples!

Kristen and me doing the fun part of making the applesauce

Here's Dad standing in the storage room which we also organized that day in order to make room for all the new applesauce and organize all the other bottled stuff Mom has. What a chore that was!

Even Andrew got in on the fun after a school project he had to do.

The hallway after we had cleared all these boxes out of the storage room

And all the boxes neatly stacked in the storage room. So much more organized!

Doing dishes after we had finished

Kristen really didn't want her picture taken, but I told her too bad. :)

Kristen and I also organized the shelves in the storage room. She really is very good at getting rid of things and packing all those cans in! Mom and Dad sure have lots of food storage!

And our spoils for the day. Lots of applesauce, right? Mom had even made more before this night and there are still LOTS more apples on the trees and the ground...but I think I've had enough applesauce making for the year... :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

'Twilight': The Lost Script

I know that most of you reading this absolutely LOVE 'Twilight' and all those other books after it. But my friend showed me this 'Twilight': The Lost Script, and I thought it was hilarious!! I just had to share with you all. So don't be offended at this spoof; it's all in good jest. :) Read this speculation on what the movie will be like! Make sure you read all ten pages! I hope you laugh a lot, out loud...cause that's what I did sitting here at the front desk at work. Love it!


A friend from work showed me this live video feed of these puppies. Someone just posted a video camera on a basket of a bunch of puppies and they have become quite the celebrities overnight! There are over 13 thousand people watching these puppies right now. They're not doing anything out of the ordinary either--they're just puppies in a basket! They are very cute puppies...but still, I think it's funny how many people would waste their time just watching these puppies do nothing. But then...I'm blogging about these puppies who are doing nothing...anyway, watch and enjoy! :) Just don't get hooked on watching them and forget to live your life. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


again by my sister, Rosie!

I am: a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a receptionist, a book keeper, a pianist, a cellist...

I want: chocolate...always...

I have: an amazing husband

I dislike: mornings, annoying people, nuts, and stupid drivers

I miss: my family I don't get to see much

I fear: getting a migraine and driving in the snow

I feel: happy and excited

I hear: my fabulous music and the fountain at work

I crave: chocolate shakes and sleep!

I cry: a lot more than I used to

I usually: work a lot and don't get to see my husband is my friend :)

I search: for things that got lost when my sister moved my things...

I wonder: how people don't get my sense of humor

I regret: not having more pictures of Andrew and me when we were dating

I love: my husband and family...and fireworks...and holidays...and not having to work

I care: about my family and friends. They are everything to me.

I worry: about the state of the world today

I am not: tall...or thin...or out-going.

I remember: as much as I can of the important things

I believe: that I get to be with my family forever

I dance: with the kids in nursery, and very rarely with Andrew

I sing: my music out loud sometimes...sorry Kajsia! :) but also in the car.

I don't always: make dinner. Sometimes I'm just too tired!

I argue: with Andrew occasionally, but mostly I like to not fight with people.

I write: no more papers! Hooray for being done with school! But I did help Kristen write one of her papers a few weeks ago...besides that, just on here. I like blogs. :)

I win: stupid arguments, cause I just know I am right! :)

I lose: my cell phone, and then when I realize it I freak out for a second until I find it. Talk about being addicted!! I need to calm down.

I wish: for a better world to raise a family in

I listen: to whatever people want to tell me

I don't understand: people who are so selfish!! You're not the only person in the world, you know! Think of someone else sometime!

I can usually be found: at work or on my bed watching tv

I need: a vacation!

I forget: a lot of things. I have such a bad memory!

I am happy: most of the time.

I tag: Whoever wants to fill this out...I want to know more about you! :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kristen's B-day and Halloween

It's fun having a sibling with a birthday on Halloween. That means that for sure we always have a family party and get-together on Halloween. I love the traditions that we've had. We always used to have soup and breadsticks, and we'd have to eat dinner before we could go trick-or-treating. Dad would always play Ray Bradbury's The Halloween Tree all night for us to listen to. I still only really know the beginning of that story....This past Halloween was no exception; all of us that live close got together and we had a dinner for Kristen. It was a fun night with everyone. Happy Birthday Kristen!!

Here is our fun group.

Kristen doesn't really like cake all that much, so instead we had a birthday pie for her. Here she is with her birthday pumpkin pie.

And opening some of her presents.

And here's Ethan and Julia in their cute Spider Man and Pilot costumes.

Mr. Incredible

And Mr. Incredible again with his Lady Bug...(thanks for the costume Kajsia! :) )