Monday, November 17, 2008


Saturday was a very busy day at the Hendriksen household! Grandma Hill and I went over to my parents to help make applesauce. I think we ended up being there working on it all for about 10 hours!

Here is Mom and Grandma doing the hardest part of cutting up all the apples!

Kristen and me doing the fun part of making the applesauce

Here's Dad standing in the storage room which we also organized that day in order to make room for all the new applesauce and organize all the other bottled stuff Mom has. What a chore that was!

Even Andrew got in on the fun after a school project he had to do.

The hallway after we had cleared all these boxes out of the storage room

And all the boxes neatly stacked in the storage room. So much more organized!

Doing dishes after we had finished

Kristen really didn't want her picture taken, but I told her too bad. :)

Kristen and I also organized the shelves in the storage room. She really is very good at getting rid of things and packing all those cans in! Mom and Dad sure have lots of food storage!

And our spoils for the day. Lots of applesauce, right? Mom had even made more before this night and there are still LOTS more apples on the trees and the ground...but I think I've had enough applesauce making for the year... :)


Rosie and Derek said...

Good job everyone! Sorry I didn't make it over, I'm feeling much better today and will hopefully be over this cold soon.
You guys made soooooo much! Wow!

Malinovka said...

Loved this post! Those were the days...making applesauce together as a family so mom could teach us thrift, hard work, responsibility, and provide a wholesome recreational activity. :) I don't think I will actually can on my own, though. If we end up in Utah, I'll make mom help me then! Good for you and Kristen (and Andrew!) for helping out. Love the pics. Dad looks so tired (as always) but of course helped mom out. I'm glad Kristen is still at home to keep everyone in line. :)

kristen said...

You were not supposed to put that picture up. Peasant foo'. :)

Happy Wanderers said...

That looks like so much fun...and so yummy! Do we get to try it when we come out?

Laurel said...

This brought back memories of similar things when I was growing up, but (like Robyn) it's something I've never undertaken on my own. Looks like a huge success!