Tuesday, November 11, 2008


again by my sister, Rosie!

I am: a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a receptionist, a book keeper, a pianist, a cellist...

I want: chocolate...always...

I have: an amazing husband

I dislike: mornings, annoying people, nuts, and stupid drivers

I miss: my family I don't get to see much

I fear: getting a migraine and driving in the snow

I feel: happy and excited

I hear: my fabulous music and the fountain at work

I crave: chocolate shakes and sleep!

I cry: a lot more than I used to

I usually: work a lot and don't get to see my husband much...tv is my friend :)

I search: for things that got lost when my sister moved my things...

I wonder: how people don't get my sense of humor

I regret: not having more pictures of Andrew and me when we were dating

I love: my husband and family...and fireworks...and holidays...and not having to work

I care: about my family and friends. They are everything to me.

I worry: about the state of the world today

I am not: tall...or thin...or out-going.

I remember: as much as I can of the important things

I believe: that I get to be with my family forever

I dance: with the kids in nursery, and very rarely with Andrew

I sing: my music out loud sometimes...sorry Kajsia! :) but also in the car.

I don't always: make dinner. Sometimes I'm just too tired!

I argue: with Andrew occasionally, but mostly I like to not fight with people.

I write: no more papers! Hooray for being done with school! But I did help Kristen write one of her papers a few weeks ago...besides that, just on here. I like blogs. :)

I win: stupid arguments, cause I just know I am right! :)

I lose: my cell phone, and then when I realize it I freak out for a second until I find it. Talk about being addicted!! I need to calm down.

I wish: for a better world to raise a family in

I listen: to whatever people want to tell me

I don't understand: people who are so selfish!! You're not the only person in the world, you know! Think of someone else sometime!

I can usually be found: at work or on my bed watching tv

I need: a vacation!

I forget: a lot of things. I have such a bad memory!

I am happy: most of the time.

I tag: Whoever wants to fill this out...I want to know more about you! :)


Christa said...

I want, crave & need chocolate. All. The. Time.

Malinovka said...

Amen to Christa's comment. :) I love reading things people post when I can hear them saying it as I read. Thanks, Char! ;)