Thursday, December 11, 2008

Family Time!

Well Robyn and her two girls are here! They got here Tuesday afternoon. We have all been so excited for them to come! Eric will be here joining them in just a few weeks, followed by Devin and Emily and their family! How fun Christmas time is with family! We'll only be missing Tamara and David and their family. We're sad they can't come, but they've already come out twice this year--for my wedding, and then for David's sister Annie's wedding. Ethan and Julia were so excited to have some cousins here to play with though, and they have been over at Grandma's a lot playing with Mierae and Jolie.

Ethan and Julia were reading Mierae some bedtime stories

And as soon as they saw the camera they all wanted to take a turn taking a picture. Here is Mierae's picture:

And Julia's:

And then Ethan wanted to take a picture of their feet:

After this, Ethan started playing the piano and then Mierae was dancing around the living room until she hit her head on the wooden legs of the chairs in there. Then it was time for bed. :)
Here is Ethan sitting at and playing the piano. He's getting so good!

And cute little Jolie the night after--just last night. All the kids kept laughing at her when she put this "hat" on, so she kept doing it. :) Isn't she adorable?! It's so great to have family in town!!


Rosie and Derek said...

Ethan and Julia are having so much fun, they love it when cousins are in town! Great pics, now we can see exactly how crazy they were being...

Nathan, Amy & Kate Romney said...


Hey, so I don't have your email but I had something I wanted to tell you that might not be blog-comment material... When you have a sec, maybe you could email me?

Love you!


Ashley Hall said...

Char, I just wanted to say Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you guys. Being a mother is the best.