Monday, December 1, 2008

Hospital time, again...

Sick of my new posts yet? I told you I had to catch up!! :)

Well Andrew's dad is back in the hospital again as of yesterday. He went in the day before Thanksgiving because he was feeling some pressure in his chest that had moved around to his back. They did all sorts of tests and ended up putting in two stints and sent him home the morning of Thanksgiving. We were all hoping that would be the end of it, but we got a call from Andrew's mom yesterday afternoon telling us that he was back in the hospital. He was feeling pressure in his chest again, so they kept him overnight last night and they were going to do more of the same tests on him. We went to visit him last night and he was in good spirits. He said that, of course, when he got to the hospital he wasn't in much pain at all anymore. Hopefully they can do something so this doesn't keep happening and so that he can recover fully from his heart surgery! We haven't heard any more updates today, so not sure what's going on now, but any prayers on his behalf would be greatly appreciated! I'll update this when we hear something.

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Jordan said...

Dad is out of the hospital. They said that one of his vessels is really small and that is probably what is causing all the pressure feelings. Everyone was really pleased with his stress test in the morning. He walked at 3.5 MPH on a 14% incline for 9 or 10 minutes, so that was really good. That's all I know right now.