Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Bored Times at Work

I love my job. I really do. Occasionally it is crazy busy and everything happens all at the same time, but then things slow down to almost a dead stop. I sit at the front desk staring at a computer screen straining my brain trying to think of something I can do to pass the time until I get to go home and actually see my husband for a few hours. He cleans the Orem Public Library after they close at night, so he starts work at 9pm and finishes around midnight Monday through Friday. I really don't love the job he has because it severely limits our time together. Anyway, back to the point of the post...I have many bored times at work. I, along with others at work, have discovered a great website called surfthechannel.com that has tons of movies and tv shows. I LOVE this website as I have been able to watch lots of new shows that always looked interesting to me but never got around to watching. It is great at helping me pass away my time at work when I have nothing else to do. So if you find yourself bored and alone with nothing to do, you should check out this site. You'll discover many new and old shows to love!

I've currently been watching Bones--it's about a forensic anthropologist who works with the FBI to solve murders. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes watching crime-solving shows. I don't love all the CSI shows and whatever, but I really like this show. I think it's cleverly written and I love the characters. So just a suggestion out there for you. I'm full of lots of suggestions when it comes to tv shows...(I have no life obviously :) ) so if you want to know about any show...chances are I've either watched or heard lots about it so feel free to ask. :)

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