Friday, April 3, 2009

One Year Ago....

(Plus a week.....) I've never written down anything about our wedding day before. So I decided that it would be appropriate to post something here in honor of our anniversary so that I can remember what happened that day. Sorry it is so long! But this is mostly just a record for me, so feel free to skip it. :)

Knowing that I am definitely not a morning person, and also realizing the extra time it would take me to get ready the morning of my wedding, I decided it would be a good idea to schedule the wedding as late as possible while still leaving time for the luncheon and reception the same day. The wedding was scheduled for 11 am at the Mt. Timpanogos temple, meaning that the guests had to arrive by 10:30, and Andrew and I by 10....apparently not quite late enough for me. So...

March 27th, 2008

I woke up that morning thinking I would have plenty of time to get ready, but instead was running late, as usual. My friend, Sue, did my hair for me that morning after I had showered and done my make up, and it took longer than I was expecting. By the time we were done, it was already about quarter to ten. I still had to get dressed and double check and make sure I had everything! Andrew had gone with his parents to the temple, and I rode over with my mom. Mom dropped me off at the front doors of the temple and went to park. I was extremely grateful for that, not only since I was so late already, but because it was incredibly windy outside and it was whipping my hair all over already! I didn't want to have it all messed up before I even got inside the temple! :) I got inside and saw Andrew and his parents. Andrew had called me just before we drove up to the temple to make sure I was okay and find out where I was. I guess the temple worker was worried about me getting cold feet, but Andrew knew I was coming. It was so nice once we were finally at the temple to slow down and be able to enjoy the ceremony! We had lots of family and friends there to support us which we were both so grateful for. It was nice to be surrounded by people that love us and were happy for us. It's still weird to me how you're not married one minute, and the next you are. Doesn't feel real at the time at all! But I was so grateful to know that after that I would get to be with Andrew forever.

Coming out of the temple. Oh my gosh, we're married!! Crazy!! :)

So after we came out of the temple, we did a ton of picture taking! Usually a really good thing--especially for your wedding, you want to have lots of good pictures and memories of the day. The only problem with that this day--it was FREEZING!! Not only was it still incredibly windy, but it felt like winter still. Don't let the sunny pictures deceive you.

I love having pictures from the wedding so I can remember who was there! All the people we saw that day are now just a blur, so I still have pictures for me now to prove who was there. Tiny picture, but this is all the people who were at the temple with us. We love you all!! Thanks for your support!
The Greens and the Hendriksens

About the time we were finished taking pictures it started snowing. Everyone had abandoned us long before this to get out of the cold, so it was just Andrew and me and our photographer. My mom had stayed behind thankfully to help me change out of my dress before going to the luncheon, but she had to retire to the shelter of the temple. Andrew kept rubbing my arms to try to get some warmth back into them.

My veil kept flying up like this in all the wind. It eventually flew off my head and Andrew had to run catch it!

We got some great shots on the grass...the only problem was my heels kept sinking down into the very soft soil! So that was fun. At least you can't tell in the pictures.

The wind did make for some nice pictures with my veil flying just a little away from me. A swept-away look. :)

Finally we were done, just in time to get out of the snow! We both got changed and headed to Andrew's parent's church where we were having our luncheon. Andrew's mom had made tons of yummy food for us all. It was fabulous as we were both starving! While we were eating we watched our wedding video my brother had so nicely put together for us. It's lots of fun watching a montage of pictures of the two of you set to music. I don't know who started that trend, but I'm a fan. :) My sister, Melodie, then said some stuff about me, then Andrew's dad some stuff about him. People should have days like this more often where people just boost your ego all day long. :) Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from the luncheon since the photographer wasn't there, and I didn't take any of my own pictures all day. So if anyone has pictures from this they'd like to share with me, that would be much appreciated!

When the luncheon was all over, we both had to go to our parent's houses to finish up packing for our honeymoon so we could just take off as soon as the reception was over. Andrew dropped me off at my parents where I was frantically searching for everything I needed to take, trying my best to not forget anything. I was the only one at home as everyone else was over at the church getting ready for the reception. I was looking for a power cord for the car that I wanted to take with me, but I had no idea where it was! I called my brother, Quentin, hoping that he would have some idea where to look. While I was on the phone with him, my sister, Melodie, who knew I was home as she was taking off when I arrived home, called on the other line. She had forgotten a few things and wanted me to bring them with me to the church. Then the home phone rang. It was my sister, Robyn, calling to see if she was needed over at the church or what she needed to bring. Then the other line rang on the home phone. It was my sister, Kristen, who forgot her shirt for the reception and wanted me to bring it with me. I had to laugh that I had four people on the phone at the same time--all while I was trying to quickly pack for my honeymoon so I could hurry over to get pictures before my reception! Feeling a little too stressed about trying to worry about bringing anything else over to the church besides what I needed, I told Kristen that she should just come back home and get her shirt, then she could pick up what Mel needed too. That way I could just focus on me. :) I quickly got off the phone with all four people, and finished getting my stuff together just in time for Andrew to pick me up and load my stuff into the car. Then we were off to the reception.

I had a fun time trying to hurry and get ready in the bathroom at the church so we could get pictures taken. My sister, Rosie, re-curled my hair for me while my other sisters and my mom were finishing getting ready themselves.

We took lots more pictures before the reception started with both our families. I love seeing the progression of the pictures with all the little kids. It's funny to see where they're moving to in the pictures. Almost like a movie. :)

All the Hendriksen girls
All my crazy bridesmaids doing their Mission Impossible poses
My new sister in law, Jordan

The cultural hall at the church looked great! We had gone to the church and decorated the night before, and I was very pleased with the way the decorations turned out for the all the tables. We had yummy food there too (at least I'm told. We didn't actually get to eat any....we did end up taking some with us after the reception, but it's just never quite as good the next day.) We did the line at the reception just with Andrew and me and our parents. We didn't want to make anyone else suffer through that. We had a never-ending line all night! We were a little surprised at the number of people that showed up to support us! It was so good to see everyone there, even though we were exhausted by the end. Although the whole reception was supposed to last only until 9, that's actually when we got through the whole line of our admirers. :) So finally at 9 we were ready to cut the cake. I was starving by this time and had the worst headache! I just wanted to sleep!! But we had to finish up everything at the reception. So we cut the cake, I threw my bouquet, then we changed and left!

My beautiful cake that my friend, Kimmy, made for me. She's amazing!
Throwing the bouquet
Mellie caught it. She was SO excited! :)

Finally we were out of there. It was a really long day, but so much fun being with our family and friends all day! It was such a great start to the rest of our lives. Thanks to everyone for making it so special for us! We love you all!


Mer and Mel said...

so cute char!! It really was such a wonderful reception! I was so relieved on our 1st anniversary- people told us the first year was the hardest but we made it- and you did too! and your preggers as well! So fun- luv ya!

The Romneys said...

So glad I could be there for your special day! It was funny--I had just found out I was pregnant like the week before, and I was SO happy but it made me all emotional and blubbery so I think I bawled through your whole wedding. Everyone was kind of like...Um, you're her cousin, not her mom, right? It was such a special day, though, and I'm so glad I could be a small part of it. That was actually the very first wedding I got to attend after my own so it will always be an extra special memory for me! :)

Happy Wanderers said...

Thanks for sharing, Char! I'm always so sad we weren't able to be there. :( We were in spirit, though...and I cried, too, so does that count? :) I suppose that just serves us right, since Dev and I got married while Robyn was on her mission and couldn't come.

Rosie and Derek said...

It was such a fun day!
And good job writing it all down, I still haven't written down everything that happened at our wedding and now I don't think I can remember everything.

kristen said...

I didn't read through everything yet, but I did read through some. Someday I will read the rest. I like the pictures. :)

kajsiaO said...

i love that picture of Melodie.