Friday, July 17, 2009

Fourth of July

I realize that I'm about two weeks late in posting this, but I hope everyone had a happy Fourth of July! Andrew and I were able to celebrate it two days in a row with both of our families. Friday night my mom's family got together for dinner. My uncle Kent just finished with his three years being a mission president for the Tulsa, OK mission, so we were able to see him and my aunt Joyce again! It was so nice to catch up with them, and Andrew got to meet uncle Kent for the first time! (We started dating after they left on their mission.) It was a nice, relaxing evening with the family. Saturday, the 4th, we had a nice dinner with Andrew's family and some family friends, the Jacksons, at the park. We had lots of yummy food and it was fun watching the kids play around there, especially our niece, Eliana. Our baby will be born almost exactly one year after she was, and I love being able to see where our baby will be one year from now. I love how my baby reacts to sound already too. Eliana dropped some keys onto the park bench a couple of times and it was pretty loud. My baby jumped every time. I guess she doesn't like loud noises. :) I love feeling her move around though. It's very comforting. Sorry, tangent. :) Anyway, that night we went with Andrew's parents to Pleasant Grove to watch the fireworks show they do there. We met up with his aunt and uncle and some cousins there, and we loved watching the fireworks! I don't know what it is about colored bits of fire up in the air that are so mezmerizing, but I sure love them!

The family entertaining themselves before the fireworks
Andrew and me dressed in out red, white and blue. That's his cousin peeking up behind us. :)
Happy (very late) Fourth of July!! I guess by now this can count for Happy Pioneer Day too, right? :)


Elise said...

Only 20 days to go?! Yay! Hang in there for those last couple weeks. I am super excited for ya!

kristen said...

I like your new background. Very appropriate. And obviously I love the polka dots. :)