Thursday, October 23, 2008

Makeover Time!

So my sister, Kristen, told me it was time to change my picture as well as my background on my blog. I guess I've had the old one for too long...even though it really has only been a few months. :) So here's my new one. What do you think? I thought it was so cute! I got it from Kristen shared the site with me, and she has a very cute new background too on her blog. They really have lots of cute backgrounds on there, including some cute Halloween ones. So if you want to change your blog to have a Halloween background for the season, you should check it out! Hooray for new backgrounds!


Christa said...

I really like it. Blue & green is one of my favorite color combinations.

Charlotte said...

Me too! Hence my wedding colors...:) They've just always been my favorite colors together. Thanks!

Rosie and Derek said...

I love this one. I love blue and green together too, I was actually thinking of using this one eventually on my shop blog. Nice choice!