Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Andrew and I went to see his parents yesterday. His dad actually came home last Thursday afternoon, but this is the first that we've been able to go see him together. (Andrew's been at least once to visit by himself.) His dad is doing much better now. He has to go see his doctor in Murray for a follow-up visit sometime soon, but besides that he gets to do all of his recovery at home and with a physical therapist at Utah Valley Hospital. Great news since that is SO much closer to home than the other hospital! They have to keep a log of lots of different things like his blood pressure to show his doctor and chart his recovery. One thing not expected is that his neck muscles get really tired now just from holding his head up. I guess his muscles got used to him laying down in a bed and not being used, so he'll have to build up those muscles again. He said he'll probably return to work at the beginning of November as long as his recovery keeps going well. So yea! He's got a few weeks to just relax and recuperate from his surgery. We're so grateful that he's doing so well now! Thanks everyone for your prayers and support!

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